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The Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 is now on the cards. The organisers are trying their best to provide best-in-class services and opportunities to the exhibitors as well as trade visitors. Here’s an update on the what’s trending at this publishing mecca. A new conference will kick off the Frankfurt Book Fair, to be held the day before the fair officially opens (October 14-18, 2015). This one-day event: “The Markets – Global Publishing Summit” – is developed by the team led by Holger Volland, VP Business Development of the Frankfurt Book Fair, in cooperation with the U.S. trade journal Publishing Perspectives. The programme focuses on seven international book markets, which will be introduced by industry experts and analysed from various points of view, with the aim of initiating deals on the spot as well as bringing to light potential areas for business. For each book market, one segment with its specific features and trends will be highlighted. These include China – International partnerships and joint ventures; Germany – Academic publishing and specialist information; Indonesia – Trade publishers; Mexico – Trade publishers; South Korea – Education and children’s books; Turkey – The total market; and USA – Digital publishing and innovation.

Each of the seven markets will be presented by an analyst from the respective country, who will explain and elucidate the market’s potential and the business opportunities for which it is best suited. The invited experts wi l l provide an overview of trends and overarching market developments. Placing the individual markets in a global context, they wil l reveal what makes each of these markets unique and where the opportunities for business and growth lie. Directly initiating contacts will be at the heart of the meetings with the seven respective market representatives, who, in individual or group discussions, will also respond to detailed and individual questions and call attention to opportunities.

Fellowship Programme – celebrating 17th anniversary This year marks the 17th anniversary of the Frank furt Book Fair’s Fellowship Programme. First launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1998, the programme has provided information and networking opportunities in the world of international publishing to more than 300 participants in 55 countries. “As the international publishing business has become increasingly global, knowing how the different regional markets work is now more important than ever. We believe that the Frankfurt Fellowship Programme is one of the best ways for young publishing professionals to get to know the different markets first hand, by establishing invaluable connections with like-minded ‘fellows’ from all round the globe. Over 300 people have now benefitted from being part of the programme, and we are delighted by the way we have been able to bring people together from so many different countries,” said Juergen Boos, director of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Around 80 editors, rights managers and literary agents from 25 countries applied this year for the prestigious Frankfurt Fellowship Programme. Katharina Storch will be coordinating the programme, while Maria Cardona Serra, literary agent, Pontas Literary & Film Agency, Spain will accompany the group as the moderator. The programme officially will begin ten days before the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 14-18, 2015) with visits to publishing houses and meetings with publishing professionals in Frankfurt, Cologne and Berlin. In the process, participants will not only learn about the unique characteristics of the German book market, but also report on recent market developments in their own countries.

Agents & Business Center (ABC)

The Frankfurt Book Fair has announced a new partnership, for the development of an Agents & Business Center (ABC), with the Brazilian book fair Bienal Internacional do Livro do Rio de Janeiro (September 3-13, 2015). An agreement to this end has been signed by both partners, leading to a contract that extends to the next four editions of the Bienal do Livro in 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021.

The ABC will be a work area where publishing industry professionals from all over the world can meet and do business. It will be open during the first three days of the Bienal do Livro 2015 (September 3-5). The Business Centre will provide an excellent working environment, including wi-fi, for each registered company.

Business Club – the place to be for trade visitors

After its successful debut last year with over 3,000 visitors from 50 countries, the Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club is entering its second year. With its meeting spaces, work areas, B2B event formats as well as numerous opportunities for networking, the business area offers ideal conditions for a successful week at the Book Fair. And, this year, the Business Club is providing an even more comprehensive range of services. The meeting area is being expanded considerably, with 100 places to sit available this year. Holders of Business tickets can reserve slots for their business appointments in advance of the Frankfurt book fair. For the first time, companies can hire an exclusive meeting area in the business Club: four Company Hubs are available, providing a quiet atmosphere for companies to hold their business meetings.

“The new Frankfurt Book Fair represents a new generation in international publishing: globally interconnected, tech-savvy entrepreneurs with a sense for how to repurpose content across media. New players are constantly joining this group – from traditional businesses and from related (media) industries looking for contact with the content industry. The active exchange of knowledge, expertise and business is growing and constantly being consolidated. The place that perfectly illustrates this consolidation is the Business Club,” said Juergen Boos, director of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The Business Club is aimed at decision-makers and innovators in the publishing sector as well as trade visitors from the related media and technology sectors. In the words of project manager Maike Bannas, “The Business Club is a central venue for creative and economic visionaries in the global content and media business. Our programme offers an overview of current and upcoming trends. Above all, however, it is a professional platform that makes new, cross-sector business opportunities possible.” To allow Business Club customers to plan their stay at the fair more efficiently, they can reserve Tables and Hubs for their business appointments from the beginning of September 2015.

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