Vasudeva Kriya Yoga: Divinity in Yoga


Author: Rajendra Damodara Yenkannamoole,
Publisher: Prism Books Pvt Ltd, (Pp 250,
ISBN 978 81 7286 905 2, Rs 545)

The book was released during three day Yoga camp in Melbourne by Swami Ramdev. He was on his maiden trip to Australia. The author of the book Rajendra Damodara Yenkannamoole is conducting 1st International day of Yoga at Melbourne, Australia on June 21, in alignment with the International Yoga DayIn this modern age, stress and depression play big mayhem to our day-to-day life. We need some knowledge to beat this havoc and Vasudeva Kriya Yoga:Divinity in Yoga is a right read in this regard. This book on practicing yoga is useful in balancing the materialistic life and divinity. Yoga is a greatest gift of India to the world. In the recent times, its impact and influence is felt all across the world. In the ancient India, rishis (hermits) preserved this secret knowledge for the benefit of mankind. Yoga can be effectively applied to all aspects of human activities and spiritual countenances. Every individual is unique. Discovering specialty and its full expansion is the aim of yoga. Conscious is the intelligence principle and yoga is conscious process to accelerate our growth from gross to subtle layers of mind. Vasudeva Kriya Yoga:Divinity in Yoga brings out the divinity in us through our daily practice of yoga as this book reveals the inner source of cosmic energy and Prana Tatva to all of us.

Hardbound and printed on glossy papers with different yogic postures by the author Rajendra Damodara Yenkannamoole himself, who holds a degree in chemical engineering and business administration from New Zealand and has a deep interest in spirituality and yoga since childhood. With the instructive posters of kriyas, asanas, mudras, pranayamas and meditation techniques, high resolution images in the book help practitioners perform right yogic postures or practices. People believe in ritualistic worship, which yoga makes it easy to come closer with divinity. In this book there is a section on puja mudra to provide practitioner daily ritualistic worship.

The authors’ effort in Vasudeva Kriya Yoga:Divinity in Yoga is commendable in connection to facilitating self consciousness of good health with the help of practicing yoga/asanas/mudras/pranayamas as tools for overcoming stress and health hazards in the competitive and rapidly changing lifestyle, owing to the current onslaught of technological revolution and life moving on the fast lane.

–Shailendra Kumar

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