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As technology continues to advance, books on demand provide a dynamic and accessible platform for literary exploration, catering to the diverse tastes and interests of readers worldwide.


Books on demand, often referred to as print-on-demand or POD, has revolutionized the traditional publishing landscape.

Prashanth Tirupachur Vasanthakrishnan runs Clictoprint, a Print on Demand service based in Chennai. Clictoprint has become a backbone for the Southern Region’s literature lovers – chances are, if you’ve ordered a book from Amazon or Flipkart, they’ve had a hand in printing and binding it. Clictoprint collaborates with 350+ publishers and entities, transforming ideas into tangible products.

Here, Prashanth shares more about their services. Excerpts.

AABP: What type of books do you primarily print?

Prashanth: We print a diverse range of books, covering various genres such as fiction, non-fiction, educational materials, self-publishing, and many more. Our printing services are not limited to any specific category; we cater to a wide array of book types to meet our clients’ diverse and growing needs.

AABP: What is the average page count for these books and what is the preferred size and other specifications?

Prashanth: The average number of pages in the books we print hover between 200~250 pages. While, the preferred book size by a lot of our fiction and non-fiction publishers are 5.5”x8.5” and the educational sector leans towards a slightly bigger size of 7”x9.5”.

We offer both options; our books come in black and white as well as full color. The covers or wrappers are predominantly four-colored and laminated with either gloss or matte lamination. While, our average print run volumes per titles is anywhere between 52~100 copies and our turn-around time for short-runs is less than 6~8 hours.

AABP: Are there any specific paper or cover stock preferences?

Prashanth: The choice of materials or paper depends on the publishers’ preferences. Common options include 70-GSM Book Print for paper and 300-GSM Art Board for the covers.

AABP: Do you have peak seasons where print demand may increase?

Prashanth: The book printing industry experiences seasonal fluctuations, with increased activity before major book fairs and during school and college reopening periods, resulting in heightened demand. At times we work very hard to keep up with large order volume.

AABP: Are there any specific finishing options you require?

Prashanth: The decision of a book’s look, feel and experience always depends on the publisher’s preference. However, we generally recommend laminating books, as it enhances the longevity of the cover print.

AABP: Is there a need for variable data printing for individualized content or covers?

Prashanth: Interestingly, some children’s book publishers are opting for customization by incorporating the child as a character within the book. Once this customization is applied, these specific books need to be digitally printed in small quantities as little as one, due to the varied content in each book. So variable data printing is indeed an upcoming concept and is sure to become popular as time grows.

AABP: What is your budget range for on-demand book printing services?

Prashanth: The pricing will fluctuate based on the book specifications, including the preferred paper, size, and other factors. However, it’s worth noting that the cost for short-run quantities is highly competitive and affordable.

AABP: Who are your major clients and which genres?

Prashanth: We collaborate with over 350 publishers, including major clients like Kalachuvadu Publications and Zero Degree Publications. As their printing partner, we prioritise on the book quality across genres. Our focus is on delivering crisp, well-bound, easy-to-handle and long lasting books, ensuring a satisfying reading experience for anyone who picks them up.

AABP: Share the genesis of Clictoprint?

Prashanth: Clictoprint originated as a supplementary business branch alongside a prominent printing house. Soon, we discovered its independent growth, evolving into a self-sustaining business solely through word-of-mouth referrals.

Some of our notable abilities are as follows.

  1. To provide flexibility for publishers and businesses to customize each copy, tailoring content, covers, and even formats to individual preferences.
  2. We have been successful in eliminating large initial investments, by giving our publishers an opportunity to avoid upfront printing costs, making publishing more accessible.
  3. We have been able to provide cost-effective production of small print runs, ensuring that even niche or specialized content can be published without the need for mass production.
  4. Providing our publishers with an opportunity to test the market with minimal risk, as they only print copies in response to actual demand, avoiding the challenges of excess inventory.
  5. Providing a swift turnaround from order to delivery, enabling publishers to bring their works to market rapidly and respond promptly to changing demand.
  6. We have a strong error management and QA system that helps us minimise paper waste and reduce the environmental impact. We even motivate our clients to consider eco-friendly publishing solutions.
  7. Beyond books, we extend our services to a variety of printed products, such as calendars, journals, or promotional materials, providing a comprehensive solution for other businesses as well

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