The Variety Book Depot: Offering children books, coffee table books & classics

Om Arora of The Variety Book Depot, shares his views on the book distribution in India.


“I have always found the books distribution very interesting. There is a constant growth over the years specially after foreign publishers started publishing books in India. Most of the distributors are specialising in certain areas and they deal with publishers on the subjects they are specialising in,” shares Om.

On genres…

“We, at The Variety Book Depot specialise in children books and coffee table books. To this we have now added Classics,” he adds.

On distribution network…

“We distribute pan India since we always take books for exclusive distribution for India. We do have regional distributors in West, East and South,” shares Om.

On customers…

“We are dealing with all good bookstores all over India. We deliver books well packed and there have never been complaints of any damages in transits,” he adds.

Trends in the industry…

“The main problem in India is payment as retailers tend to delay payments. I see tremendous growth in this business in future,” concludes Om.

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