Service providers to e-publishing!


Corollary to the service providers/suppliers to conventional printers, there exist such entity to the well-established e-publishing sector. With ever growing players in e-publishing, the self employed entrepreneurs offer help to e-publishers in the form of developing tools like XML, XMathw, ABBYY Fine Reader, PDF Transformer, etc. One such company is G-Solution, situated in Chenna i suburb Tiruvanmivur, headed by Nagarajan, MCA. He gained experience with stints in NexGen, SPS and then joined in partnership with a colleague to be on their own in 2011. In 2013, he started his own G-Solutions. Equipped with Adobe InDesign, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat with Pitstop Professional, they undertake Data Processing, Internet Research and Entry, Data Cleaning, OCR conversion, etc.

Besides Cover and Catalogue Design, for Directory/Database Publishing, their Internet researchers search the relevant data from websites and to add spreadsheets like Excel and import them to a database. The database engineers then create stored procedures according to the stylesheets of the page layout programs like Corel Ventura, Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress. While executing the stored procedures, new ANSI/ASCII tagged text file will be created. If they flow the tagged text, tags match the stylesheets of the page layout program, then automatically text part will be formatted.

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