Inkjet printing: meeting the dynamic needs of publishing industry!

Inkjet printing has gained significant importance in the realm of book production due to several key advantages that cater to the evolving needs of publishers, authors, and consumers.


Inkjet printing has become a popular choice for book production, offering several advantages in terms of cost, flexibility, and quality. “Inkjet is particularly cost-effective for short to medium print runs. Traditional printing methods like offset printing may have higher setup costs, making them less economical for smaller quantities,” says Tejinder Singh, GM Sales,Monotech Systems.

The solution…

Monotech Systems offers JETSCI KnowzzleJet- DL print-on-demand, high-speed monochrome inkjet web press for digital book printing. The JETSCI knowzzleJet-DL monochrome inkjet web press is an innovative and optimum solution that delivers unprecedented productivity and printing very high-quality text and images.“This makes it suitable for producing books with complex graphics, images, or intricate designs,” he adds. “One can include variable content within each book. This can include personalized messages, individualized covers, or specific content tailored to the reader.”


“Inkjet allows for easy customization of each book, which is beneficial for personalized or variable data printing. This is especially useful for on-demand printing and customized editions,” he adds. “Besides, it has a faster setup time compared to traditional printing methods. This enables quicker turnaround times, which is advantageous for on-demand printing or meeting tight deadlines. It is well-suited for print-on-demand services, allowing for the production of books as orders come in. This eliminates the need for large print runs and excess inventory.”


Printing and publishing industry is often associated with environmental concerns. “With on-demand printing capabilities, inkjet technology can help reduce waste associated with overprinting or obsolete inventory. This aligns with environmentally conscious printing practices,” shares Tejinder.

Adoption of inkjet technology…

To date, Monotech Systems has successfully installed five machines, with an additional three orders in pipeline, scheduled for completion before March 2024. “It is interesting to note that two of our customers are repeat customers, showing their satisfaction with our products and services,” shares Tejinder.

In summary, the importance of inkjet printing for books lies in its cost-effectiveness, suitability for on-demand printing, ability to handle variable data and customization, high-quality output, flexibility, and environmental considerations. As the printing industry continues to evolve, inkjet technology is likely to play an increasingly significant role in meeting the diverse and dynamic demands of the publishing market.

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