Taylor & Francis marks 10 years of open access books


Taylor & Francis is marking an open access (OA) milestone with a showcase of ‘must read’ books and chapters highlighting the role of OA in driving progress on global issues.

Negotiating Bioethics became the first fully open access Taylor & Francis book in 2013. Ten years later, with a list of more than 1,500 OA titles and thousands and of individual open chapters, Taylor & Francis is one of the world’s leading open access book publishers. In a new collection, Taylor & Francis editors nominate 12 standout OA books of the last decade on important global issues, including human rights, environmental justice, sustainable development and public health.

The chosen books put a spotlight on the role of open access in sharing new knowledge with a broad readership. This is especially important when research has implications for policy or practice, such as Technology and Sustainable Development, focusing on the practical challenges facing governments around the world.

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