Fifty One Pearls


Author: Atul Sehgal
Publisher: Radiant Publications, New Delhi
(Pp 159, ISBN: 9788193028803, Rs 250)

Yet another book on human motivation and life’s philosophy from the author of Happiness… All The Way is this Fifty One Pearl, which delves into descriptive analysis to help find the man’s quest for eternal happiness and fulfilment. The author compiles fifty one descriptions of pearls based on specific principles and philosophy.

In fact, human problems are the outpours from the humanity itself. With the right knowledge and appropriate action, it is possible for every individual to realise his or her desire and achieve it successfully in life. Fifty One Pearl touches the importance of life and serves as a philosophic guidance for the common man in the hustlebustle civilization of the twenty-first century. The bottom line is that this book can be served as guidebook for daily self-counselling of a man who is struggling to realise his dreams and fulfil his desires. The articles are constructed through the author’s deep knowledge and understanding of vedic scriptures, providing an entirely fresh exposition of the ever relevant subjects of human happiness, success and man’s relationship with the almighty.

– Jyaneswar Laishram

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