Taschen showroom…coming soon to Delhi


Taschen is an art book publisher founded in 1980 by Benedikt Taschen in Cologne, Germany, has been the best in the business, world over. It began as Taschen Comics publishing Benedikt’s extensive comic collection. “We are happy to make our presence felt at Indian market soon with a new showroom, which will be opening within two months,” informed Marc Parent, sales & marketing director, Indian sub continent, while he was present to NDWBF.

Taschen has been a noteworthy force in making lesser-seen art available to mainstream bookstores, including some fetishistic imagery, queer art, historical erotica, pornography and adult magazines (including multiple books with Playboy magazine). “Every three minute, we sell one book. Isn’t it a great thing? We have incredible quality in terms of content and production. We have content, vision, high sense of sales, nerve and internationalism, which makes our every book outstanding,” he said. Taschen has helped bring this art into broader public view, by publishing these potentially controversial volumes alongside its more mainstream books of comics reprints, art photography, painting, design, fashion, advertising history, film, and architecture. “Our books are available all over the world and we have our presence in around 20 countries world over,” he added.

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