Unity through literary network…


Sports, such as cricket, soccer, hockey, tennis, etc, are gaining popularity in a major way. In a way, these sports do bring nations together. But, what about the large number of people who are not interested in sport or even feel watching sports is a waste of time? Maybe for such people, the recent trend of festivals of literature may prove to be a boon.

Look at our own country, where Jaipur Literature Festival, Mumbai International Literary Festivals, Pune International Literary Festival, Bangalore Literature Festival, Goa Arts & Literature Festival, Hyderabad Literary Festival, Lucknow Literary Festival and others bring together the greatest thinkers and writers from across the world to share their thoughts and knowledge. There are readings, debates, discussions – and visitors are exposed to a continuous flow of ideas. For book lovers, it is a rare opportunity to meet their favourite authors and like-minded people.

Even book fairs like New Delhi World Book Fair, Kochi International Book Festival, Kolkata International Book Fair, Chennai Book Fair, Delhi Book Fair, etc. help book lovers satiate their thirst for the printed word. Such events go a long way in spreading the power of books.

Globally, book lovers throng to international book fairs in London, Frankfurt, etc. and a number of literary festivals such as International Literary Festivals in Hong Kong, Berlin, Irrawaddi (Mayanmar), etc. The London Book Fair is all set to open its doors with many new initiatives this year. Indian publishers, printers and premedia service providers will be present in large numbers to showcase their products/ services to the international market.

So, while India is gripped in cricket fever at this time, some not-so sports enthusiastic people may be happy with the literary events that are spread around the year and making at least an indicative co-operation initiative not only at country level but also at continent level. Happy uniting!

SK Khurana

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