The Secret Thoughts on Management


Author: S Chander
Publisher: Indiana Publishing House, New Delhi
(Pp 264, ISBN 978-81-8408-354-5, Rs 250)

In this jetsetting lifestyle, we all look for crisp notes. The Secret Thoughts on Management is full of hints and useful tips, memory joggers and general guidance to help readers through the management jungle. If sometimes it fails to show you how to deal with various situations, at least you can learn from the many examples of ‘How not to do it.’ Full with meaningful illustrations, the book is a breath of fresh air in the books on management.

The Secret Thoughts on Management is an interesting and unique collection of the best that has been said or written on these subjects from all over the world since, record began. This book can help you to impress others with your wit and wisdom.

Divided into ten parts, it deals with Human Resource, Training, Motivations, Attitude Management, Quality Management, Decision, Performance, Goals, Leadership and Financial Management. This will give managers and executives more than, what is required on each topic. Must have for all management students and professionals!
– Varsha Verma

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