In Search of Happiness


Author: Swati R Shiv
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai
(Pp 301, ISBN 978-81-8495-630-6, Rs 299)

There are some questions that plague all of us. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do the feelings and desires that torment my consciousness come from? In In Search of Happiness, author Swati Shiv uses her years of experience as a soul healer and selfempowerment therapist to investigate these questions.

The book is an enthralling story of her patient Dev and his severe and confounding mental and emotional conflicts.

Using hypnotherapy, Swati delves deep into Dev’s soul and witnesses his journey over nine lives of crime, violence, illness, fear and harmful attachments. Each session unfolds elements of life between lives, offers time for rest and introspection, and allows his spirit guide to heal the soul and change the belief systems carried over several lifetimes.

The style of writing is so intriguing that you actually see what you read. Each instance makes you think about your own life – and makes us think why we react to a particular situation in a particular way. In Search of Happiness is a must-read for anyone who seeks their true self and true expression of that self. The book would also interest people who just want to read a thrilling story.
– Varsha Verma

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