Print Your Own Money


Author: Anil Monga
Publisher: Notion Press, Chennai
(Pp 186, ISBN 9789383808816, Rs. 599)

Who else in the world doesn’t want to earn big? Here the point is not about easy money but financial freedom. Earning is now easier than expected and one may feel like asking ‘how?’ Some tips are theorised in this book as the author precisely relates vital directives to those who want to make a change with a new start in money making. Of course, this book is for those who are unemployed, depressed, frustrated and underpaid, but finally longing to get out of the closet to absorb themselves into better living. Ultra-modern world has brought in a new dynamism in concept and practice.

Though the world is physically remained the same since its evolution, all these new discoveries and advents around us have changed everything around drastically. For instance, cyber space has amplified the world space in leaps and bounds. Taking a leap upon this magnification, Print Your Own Money, which is indeed a wellness guide to financial freedom, promises every underprivileged individual to arm the real world with the wealth of ideas, innovations and strategies.

Print Your Own Money offers a plethora of thoughtful concepts of shifting tectonic plates of the world’s technology and financial freedom. The book develops an overall concept to dig up the spirit of entrepreneurship in every individual. Internet is one of the chosen tools used for this venture to hunt down monetary success, with a pinch of dedication and hard work. This book suggests that once the code is cracked, any Tom, Dick or Harry could earn as much money as the sky will be the upper limit.

A host of brilliant ideas on making entrepreneur out of the ordinary is the main forte of this book. Schools and colleges teach students to become good employees. But these institutions hardly guide students to the path leading to entrepreneurship. Print Your Own Money can be a wakeup call or eye opener to many who want to stay abreast with critical developments in the global landscape on a variety of dimensions for individual financial well being.
–Jyaneswar Laishram

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