A Bookseller can create a Bestseller

No matter how good a book is, for better success, it has to be properly promoted. To earn the title of “bestselling,” one has to follow the modern ways to promote a book. To understand the algorithm of book marketing nowadays, Smita Dwivedi of AABP interacts with Lipika Bhushan, Founder, MarketMyBook, Author and columnist.


Once a book is published and ready for release, the most difficult task may seem to be already completed. The author, editor, proofreader and publishers have already put in hours to bring the book. Thisinitial journey of a book is incomplete without a proper marketing plan.This includes getting your book “out there,” building an audience, and selling it. All you need to know is how to market a book, which requires effort and time to sell your book around the world and builda fan base if you use the right marketing tactics.

Digital presence…

On asking Lipika about trends these days, she shared, “We are giving higher emphasis on performance marketing and influencer marketing as that’s what’s driving sales and marketing efforts. Today Social Media influencers are driving choices and therefore it’s taken a prominent space in the marketing mix for book marketing. In addition to this, keywords and SEO coming out of regular data analytics to improve visibility in the space that directly sells to the customer. A good investment in Performance marketing and publicity is the key to a book’s success today.”

New age content…

As they say “Content is King,” so are there any trends in genre or segment of books, which are popular these days? To which she explained, “Greater interest in Indic voices, newer voice and alternate narratives. Its demand is driving publishing decisions. Pick the bestsellers lists and you would get a view of what’s selling more. Readers are inclined to pick up Indic content. Books and content in Indian History, politics, business, start-ups and mind, body and wellness space are doing extremely well. In fact, the numbers at times compete with International bestsellers in India.”

Mix & match…

Further adding more about the latest publicity plans, she said, “There is anevident change in the publicity plans. Publicity is no longer about mainstream media but about creating the perfect media mix that allows raising your profile as a writer and a public personality. It’s more an exercise that is of the personal brand building now. Being on the right platforms in addition to the media footprint is what every writer should eye for.”

Specialized bookseller…

As per her, she is happily and profitably promoting books and facing no significant challenges so far. On a concluding note, she emphasised the importance of a dedicated book marketer for a book. “Openness of writers to experiment with personal PR specialists eyeing larger interest in the book to screen is a positive change. There were times when authors and publishers wanted to stick to their internal publicists but it’s been observed that for more focused and long-term results and at times better results external help in publicity and marketing is being openly sought. Authors and publishers see external partners as those who strengthen their efforts than as a threat. And there are a handful of us in the business, who have been very long into this to have enough credibility for publishers and writers to feel comfortable with and confident about,” concluded Lipika.

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