Children’s books: seeing an exponential growth

Nitin Jain, Executive Director, Pegasus, an imprint of B Jain Publishers Pvt Ltd, shares the prevailing trends in children’s books.


The children’sbook industry has seen an exponential growth since COVID,especially in India. The way books were sold in the country has completely changed and as a publisher we have come to realise that there are more than one channel to sell books and the demand for good quality books has only increased.

Awareness with parents…

The parents are more aware of the value books provide in their child’s upbringing and wanting to experiment with not just one or two basic books. Parents now have library in their kids nursery even before the child is born and brought home.

Demand vs sales channel…

I have seen demand for all kind of children books, be it books for babies like early learning books to young adult fiction. The only thing I feel is that with every sales channel, a specific genre works better. When it comes to online sales channel – books for babies, story, activity and colouring books do fairly better than other genres. Also price point plays a very vital role when we are selling anything online. However, when it comes to books sold at retail points like bookstores and other modern trade stores – Book Plus products, Novelty Activity Packs, Character License products do better specially when books are bought with idea of gifting. When books are sold at school book fairs, we have seen reference books and workbooks to be doing well. And when it comes to schools buying for their libraries, reading books is their first choice. So all genres of children books are in great demand but it all depends on where, what is being sold. There is no one specific genre which a child is exposed to today or is in greater demand.

Role of social media…

Thanks to Instagram and Tiktok, parents are more aware of kind of books and other learning materials and are then looking for those novelty books like high contrast books for babies which works wonders for a 0-6 months baby. The parent in today’s day and age are wanting to give the best to their child and so is happy to spend money on quality books and novelty products.

On Pegasus…

At Pegasus, we have been actively working towards learning new trends for each category and bringing out books which are not only high quality but also add greater value in the learning and understanding. We have recently brought out a series of novelty board books for children which are interactive and have more than one value delivery. Similarly we have recently acquired licenses for some of the most famous characters for children including Disney, Marvel Fisher-Price and Paris Saint Germain as kids resonate with these names and makes it more exciting for children.

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