Flowers that Heal



Author: Dr Malti Khaitan 
Publisher: AITBS Publishers
(Pp 352, ISBN 978-93-7473-463-6, Rs 295)

Flowers that HealFlower remedies involve understanding the mental state of a person. The book discusses 63 flowers remedies – one for each of the most negative states of mind or moods that affect people. For example, balsam is the flower of concern, jasmine – the flower of luxury, salva – the flower of immortality and peepal – the flower of sensitivity.

Sine flower therapy is a holistic method of treatment, it takes into account the mental state of a person. As is the case with most alternative therapies, it treats the body and mind as intimately interrelated and uses both physiological and psychological symptoms as aids to diagnosis and for determining the nature of treatment.

The book also has a rescue remedy, which is a pre-mixed concoction of the essence of five flowers that can be used in an emergency to alleviate immediate symptoms of trauma.

The author Dr Malti cultivates organic flowers from the modest hedgerow to the exotic orchids in her own garden, together with herbaceous plants, bushes, creeper, vines and blossoms of fruit – all 63 flowers mentioned in the book! So, don’t just admire flowers, use them for their healing powers.
–V Verma


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