Making learning customized, interactive and effective!

Rita Kaul, Director, Chandra Global shares how learning has evolved from a flat content to dimensional content.

Rita Kaul

In recent times,education is more focused on concept-based learning and development rather than on theory-based learning. Learning has evolved at a fast pace in this quickly evolving age of information technology. It has impacted not only the education industry: but also,the learners and teachers as well as the publishing industry. Therefore, the focus is on the modular learning approach. This has influenced learners’ learning behavior. Learners want to learn on the go. They want relevant information anytime, anywhere through different ways such as micro-learning snippets, nuggets, etc.

Evolution of learning…

Learning has evolved from a flat content to dimensional content, so learner is also exploring permutation and combination of different type of methods and different types of learning needs based on their choice, topic and comfort zone.

Impact of Covid…

In our journey since 2010, we have witnessed access to the internet becoming easy in the digital era, resulting in the promotion of online learning long before the COVID and post COVID times. Nevertheless, we experienced a drastic change in teaching-learning methods year-on-year in COVID and post-COVID eras. The publishing industry too has seen the shift and has addressed the change through online e-learning solutions.

E-learning solutions…

Steady development in the field of information technology and data digitization has influenced the educational publishing industry to evolve. They now provide the learners

Making learning customized,
interactive and effective!

with complete and comprehensive learning solutions in the form of personalized course ware with analytics and learner advancement tracking system facilitating learners’ active learning experience. This is done through the use of multimedia and immersive technology to develop learning games, assessments; simulation to teach concepts, principles and processes. This has helped in customizing educational content and made it interactive along with the inevitable element of edutainment. Automated learning tracking system has made it easier to test, analyze and track whether the learners are able to achieve their learning objectives.
We, at Chandra, have partnered with them in providing such content solutions to the teaching and learning community resulting in a win-win situation for everyone. We will continue to provide a state-of-the-art content solution to the publishing industry keeping pace with the changing trends of ever-evolving information technology.


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