Dreamland Publications launches innovative books

Ved Chawla of Dreamland Publications shares the innovations they do in children’s books.


Books play an important role in everyone’s life. It has an unprecedented role, especially in the lives of children. It not only introduces them to their early education but also introduces them to the environment and the world around them.
Babies and young children enjoy books with colourful pictures. Picture books are an important source of a new language, concepts, and lessons for young children.
‘Dreamland Publications,’ a renowned name in children’s books create a world full of fascinating experiences for families through their books. They have always endeavoured to come up with diverse and unique books for children that become like their favourite toys.

Toy-shaped books…

Deeply engrossed in developing new avenues of publication that make a home for a vast array of blockbuster children’s titles, Dreamland Publications has recently published toy-shaped books full of joyful stories. Their newly released ‘Wheel Board Books’ featuring cute funny characters will get young readers giggling along with their fun take on short stories.







Activity books…

To encourage children to unleash their creativity, ‘Licenced Colouring and Activity Books’ featuring an inclusive cast of superheroes are a few new pearls in Dreamland’s rosary.
Colouring is always a fun and stimulating activity for kids. It’s a way for them to explore colour, use their senses, and create pleasing pictures. ‘Water Magic’ – a series of four books comes with a refillable water pen to let little artists gently scribble to bring pages to life and colour. Children are sure to enjoy the fun of colouring without colours which help them avoid being messy.

Dreamland Publications launches innovative books






Books for the brain…

They have also come up with ‘Jigsaw Puzzle Boxes’ on four different themes, each having 96 pieces of the puzzle, a sheet to colour, and creating a 3-D Model. This product of theirs will provide kids with hours of creative fun.

Storybooks…for any time!

Anytime is a good time for a book or story! A collection of storybooks illustrated with beautiful artwork and messages of caring and kindness are there to create warm emotional bonds between adults and kids when they read books together. These books will help babies and children to know sounds, words, and language, and develop early literacy skills. They will support them develop their brain, ability to focus, concentration, social skills, and communication skills. We are confident that these books will help children, as well as their parents to be happy!


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